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Date last update: 18 August 2023

The present set of guidelines (referred to as the "Terms of Use") oversee your utilization and entry to the DANSADOR website, which is accessible through the domain name www.dansador.com (known as the "Website"), encompassing its subdomains and interconnected web pages. Moreover, these terms encompass the materials and services provided to users (referred to as the "Users") by the Website's proprietor. In conjunction with the Privacy Policy and Cookies policy, which address the handling of Users' personal data, these guidelines collectively establish the regulations and stipulations that oversee the usage of the Website (referred to as the "Terms and Conditions").
Frespire Software S.R.L. is a company whose registered office is located in Iasi at Jud. Iaşi, Mun. Iaşi, Pţa. Voievozilor, Nr.1, Bl.A8, Et.6, Ap.24, with C.I.F. (Tax Identification Number) 43301775 and registered in the Commerce Register of Iași ( J22/2738/2020). The contact e-mail address is: dromaniuc@frespire.com. 
Utilization or entry to the Website by the User inherently indicates a comprehensive understanding and wholehearted acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

Within the confines of the Website, DANSADOR has introduced a tool for organizing events and facilitating the purchase and sale of tickets, thereby presenting its Users with both the "Event Organisation Service" and the "Ticket Purchasing Service."

By delivering the Event Organisation Service and the Ticket Purchasing Service, DANSADOR functions exclusively as a commercial intermediary in the exchange of tickets between Users, devoid of any obligations stemming from the contractual connections formed among Users. In this regard, DANSADOR provides a service aimed at furnishing event planners and the general public with a conduit for procuring these tickets; nevertheless, it never assumes the role of an event's organizer or promoter.
The combined "Event Planning Service" and "Ticket Purchasing Service" shall collectively be denoted as the "Services."

To access and utilize the Services provided via the Website, it is imperative that Users meet the legal age requirement. Therefore, by accepting the subsequent Terms and Conditions, the User asserts their legal age and capacity to engage in contracts for the Services presented on the Website.

In connection with the above, the User remains accountable for the precision and authenticity of the information submitted to DANSADOR during the registration and booking procedures.

In instances where Users below the legal age express interest in contracting the Services, prior consent from their parents or legal guardians will be necessary.

2.1. Description Description
DANSADOR provides its Users with a service that facilitates event organization, allowing Users who choose to do so (referred to as "Organizers") to efficiently and easily arrange and promote their own events on the Website (referred to as "Events"). Additionally, Organizers can offer tickets to other Users (referred to as "Buyers") for the Events they establish and publicize. Through a dedicated section on the Website (known as the "Professionals' Area"), Organizers can access information stemming from ticket sales. DANSADOR's role is exclusively that of a mediator in the ticket buying and selling process for these Events, handling ticket distribution on behalf of Organizers. At no point does DANSADOR undertake the role of an Event Organizer or participate in any organizational aspects of the Events.

DANSADOR grants Organizers a time-limited license to use the Professional Dashboard, starting from the Event's creation date until its conclusion. Importantly, DANSADOR does not transfer any intellectual or industrial property rights associated with the Website or the Professional Dashboard to Organizers.
2.2. How to create Events?
Users who intend to create an Event will be automatically enrolled as Professionals, subject to treatment in line with the DANSADOR Privacy and Cookie Policy, and by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Upon successful completion of the Professional Registration Form, your professional account (referred to as the "Professional Account") and the Professional Dashboard will be activated. The responsibility for safeguarding and ensuring the security of the Organizer's name and the password provided in the Professional Registration Form rests with the Organizer. As a result, the Organizer assumes liability for all activities carried out on the Website through their Professional Account.

Once the Professional Dashboard becomes operational, Organizers gain the ability to effortlessly register their Events and oversee them through a dedicated control panel for each Event. This control panel empowers Organizers to modify all pertinent event details (such as location, date, ticket pricing, etc.) and exercise control over ticket sales to other Users.
2.3. Obligations
To ensure the effective provision of the Event Organization Service, DANSADOR is obligated to the Organizers to:
Sustain the Professional Dashboard consistently, enabling Organizers to efficiently promote their Events and maintain availability of tickets for purchase on the Website at all times.
Share with the Organizer all pertinent information concerning ticket sales operations for their Events, as well as access statistics pertaining to Users' engagement with their events. This information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.
Present accurate and truthful details of each Event generated and published through the Professional Dashboard on the Website.
Maintain distinct records of actions or transactions related to each Organizer.
Oversee the ticket collection process for the Events and remit the appropriate sum to the Organizer for the tickets that have been sold. This process aligns with the section detailing the Cost of the Events Organization Service and adheres to any specific conditions agreed upon between DANSADOR and the Organizer.
On their end, to ensure the proper utilization of the Events Organization Service, the Organizer commits to DANSADOR to:
Furnish DANSADOR with all necessary information required for the accurate provision of the Events Organization Service. This includes maintaining an up-to-date Professional account and promptly rectifying any personal, banking, or other details if needed.
Promptly remove the Event from the Website if cancellation or suspension is anticipated, taking full responsibility for tickets that have already been sold. It's important to note that DANSADOR does not issue refunds.
Address any claims from third parties arising due to ticket sales for any of the Events published on the Website.
Swiftly notify DANSADOR of any changes necessitated by the postponement of Events, alterations in sales conditions or circumstances, access modifications, venue changes, and other unforeseen circumstances. For Buyers who have already purchased tickets, the Organizer must directly inform them of these changes.
Fulfill the Cost of the Event Organization Service.
Authorize DANSADOR to process and oversee payment for ticket sales.
Possess the required intellectual and industrial property rights, image rights, along with any necessary licenses in accordance with applicable regulations concerning the Events and content published in the Professional Dashboard.
Hold all pertinent administrative authorizations in compliance with current regulations for their business operations, and provide these authorizations to DANSADOR upon request.
Refrain from utilizing DANSADOR's logos or distinctive marks on any public-facing media without explicit written consent from DANSADOR.
 Abstain from ticket resale.
Avoid including events that conflict with moral standards, public order, or exhibit discriminatory attributes.
 Adhere to the cost of the event organization service as stipulated in section 2.4 (ii) of these Terms of Use.
It's important to note that the use of the Professional Dashboard by the Organizer, as well as the creation and publication of Events on the Website, incur no charges.

2.4. Obligations of the Organiser with regard to Data Protection
Upon accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Organizer commits to adhering to the DANSADOR Privacy Policy and commits not to utilize the data for purposes beyond those delineated in this section. In this regard, the Organizer affirms and warrants, upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, their familiarity with and adherence to extant data protection laws, thereby pledging to fulfill the responsibilities outlined therein. Within this context:
Concerning data that has been transmitted to the Organizer with explicit prior consent from the User, and with the Organizer acting as the Data Controller, the Organizer agrees to exclusively utilize said data for the purpose of sending commercial communications pertaining to upcoming events or shows organized by them.
In relation to data they have access to, and in their capacity as Data Processor, the Organizer will process such data solely and specifically for the proper execution of the Ticket Sales Service and to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Within this framework and in line with data protection regulations, the Organizer, functioning as Data Controller, commits during the term of the Contract to:
Process said data in accordance with documented instructions from DANSADOR, solely for necessary communications.
Ensure that authorized personnel handling personal data commit to maintaining data confidentiality.
Implement requisite measures to ensure the security of accessible data.
Not engage any other individuals without DANSADOR's express prior written authorization. In cases where the Organizer, acting as Processor, involves another Processor to perform certain data processing activities on behalf of DANSADOR, equivalent data protection obligations as articulated in this section shall be binding upon the Sub Processor through contractual arrangements. These include the provision of suitable safeguards to ensure application of appropriate technical and organizational measures that align with these Terms and Conditions.
 Assist DANSADOR, considering the nature of the processing, through suitable technical and organizational measures whenever feasible, to enable DANSADOR's fulfillment of obligations to respond to data subjects' rights requests.
 Collaborate with DANSADOR to ensure adherence to obligations regarding data security, including notifying the relevant authority of data protection breaches and informing affected parties.
 Refrain from disclosing such data to any third party without DANSADOR's authorization, even for the purpose of storage.
Implement, adopt, and adhere to necessary technical and organizational measures as prescribed by prevailing laws and regulations. These measures must ensure the security of personal data, preventing their unauthorized alteration, loss, processing, or access, in line with appropriate security levels and considering the nature of the accessed or processed personal data.
Once the services detailed in this contract are concluded, the ORGANIZER pledges to eliminate all personal data received from DANSADOR, as well as any media or documents containing said data, and to provide DANSADOR with all requisite information to validate compliance with obligations outlined in this section. Additionally, the ORGANIZER will facilitate and contribute to audits conducted by DANSADOR.

2.5. Term and conditions of collection of the Service of Organization of Events
Within a period of ten (10) consecutive calendar days from the conclusion of the Event, DANSADOR will generate a statement of settlement for the Organizer, detailing the Net Amount acquired from all ticket sales associated with the Event (referred to as the "Total Net Amount"). Within three (3) days after the issuance of the settlement statement, DANSADOR will proceed to transfer the Total Net Amount to the Organizer. This transaction will be executed through a bank transfer to the account information furnished by the organizer within the Professional Dashboard.
2.6. Exploitation of advertising space
DANSADOR retains the exclusive right to commercially utilize the advertising spaces on the tickets and the Website for each Event.
2.7. Prohibition to hold sweepstakes and/or contests.
Our Website does not function as a platform for conducting any form of sweepstakes or contests. Therefore, upon accepting these Terms and Conditions, you confirm and assure that you will refrain from organizing or publishing any event in the form of sweepstakes or contests. By doing so, you release DANSADOR from any claims brought forth by third parties due to any User's failure to adhere to the provisions outlined in this Clause.
DANSADOR retains the authority to eliminate and annul any drawings or contests initiated by Organizers from the Website.
2.8. Security and fraud prevention
In the event of any instances of fraud, data falsification, manipulative actions, or impersonation, such occurrences will be promptly reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. DANSADOR commits to collaborating with State Security Forces, authorized institutions, and any relevant authorities in the pursuit and penalization of criminal activities. The Organizer explicitly consents to the immediate and unrestricted disclosure of their personal and contact particulars to the competent authorities in such cases, ensuring swift investigation and punitive measures. The Organizer acknowledges this reality and gives explicit consent to it.

DANSADOR retains the prerogative to withhold payments for a duration of sixty (60) days after the Event's conclusion if there are reasonable grounds to suspect illegal, unlawful, or fraudulent behavior. Indications of fraud or illicit behavior encompass, but are not limited to:
Unjustified event cancellations.
Provision of false contact details.
Promotion of false, illegal, immoral, extremist, pornographic, or violent events.
Ticket resale.
3.1. Description Description
DANSADOR presents its Users with a Ticket Purchasing Service, facilitating Buyers in effortlessly and swiftly acquiring tickets for Events using various methods.
In the process of buying and selling tickets for the Events, DANSADOR exclusively functions as a mediator connecting Organizers and Buyers. It administers the allocation of tickets on behalf of Organizers, bearing their name, and thus never assumes the role of an Event Organizer or engages in any operational aspects of said Events.
3.2. How to buy tickets?
To procure tickets for the Events featured on the Website, you should adhere to the following sequence:
Choose the desired Event you wish to attend.
After reviewing the Event details furnished by the Event Organizer, select the ticket type and quantity. Proceed by clicking "Continue."
Complete the Buyer Registration Form by providing your email address and password. In doing so, you expressly agree to the utilization of your personal data for the intended purposes, in addition to acknowledging the DANSADOR Terms and Conditions, inclusive of the Privacy Policy. Click "Accept." The responsibility for selecting a password with a suitable level of security solely rests with you. It is your obligation to maintain the password's confidentiality and avoid sharing it with third parties. Should you suspect that a third party has gained access to your password, immediate password alteration is advised.
Enter the details of the ticket attendees (if required by the Event Organizer) and explicitly acknowledge that you grant permission for DANSADOR to share this information with the Event Organizer. Further, acknowledge the DANSADOR Terms and Conditions and click "Accept."
Choose the preferred payment method (credit or debit card) for settling the ticket(s) price. Continue to payment on the relevant payment gateway. Confirm the correctness and accuracy of the provided payment details, acknowledging that DANSADOR will debit the Ticket(s) Price.
Subsequently, DANSADOR will dispatch an email to the Buyer, utilizing the email address specified in the Registration Form, confirming the successful ticket purchase (referred to as the "Purchase Confirmation"). It's important to note that the Purchase Confirmation might not appear in your "Inbox," as certain internet services could categorize it as spam. Thus, DANSADOR recommends reviewing the "Junk E-Mail" folder as a precaution.
Upon receiving the Purchase Confirmation, you can download and print your ticket(s), which will feature event-related information (such as date, time, venue, etc.).
3.3. How to access the Event?
The Buyer can gain entry to the Event by presenting the printed ticket at the entrance. At the entrance, the ticket will be verified either against a list or using an electronic device that scans a unique code embedded in the ticket. Even if multiple copies of the entry are printed, only the initial entry submitted upon access will be considered valid. Consequently, individuals who attempt to enter with the same ticket subsequently will not be granted admission.
Please note that access to the event venue adheres to the entrance and exit protocols set forth by the Organizer and/or the venue owner, if applicable.
3.4. Description Conditions of the Ticketing Service
The issuance of ticket(s) aligns with the regulations set forth by the venue and the Event Organizer, with collection taking place at the venue's box office. Any breach of said regulations or engagement in activities that may result in harm or damage grants the Event Organizer the authority to remove the Buyer from the premises.
Engaging in the illegal resale of a Ticket, or attempting to do so, provides sufficient grounds for the confiscation or annulment of said Ticket without eligibility for refund or any compensatory measures.
A ticket must not be utilized for purposes of advertising, commerce, promotion, gaming, contests, or betting without explicit prior authorization from the Organizers and DANSADOR.
The Event may be captured for commercial and/or promotional intentions; hence, by attending the Event, Buyers provide consent for their image to be recorded and subsequently employed for such objectives within the public domain.
DANSADOR's involvement in the Event's organization is absent, leading to no responsibility for factors like visibility, sound quality, venue comfort, accessibility, access protocols, and egress policies—all of which solely fall under the Organizer's purview.
The Organizer retains the right to decide admission to the Event.
The Organizers are legally entitled to perform necessary assessments and checks to ensure the security prerequisites at the Event venue are met.
Any ticket that appears crumpled, damaged, or counterfeit empowers the Organizer to deny its holder access to the Event.
Neither DANSADOR nor the Event Organizer bear responsibility for lost or stolen tickets.
DANSADOR possesses the capability to scrutinize and assess potential ticket purchase fraud, enabling the reversal of ticket charges to Buyers when applicable; such actions will be communicated to the relevant event Organizer.
DANSADOR can relay to the Organizer information pertaining to ticket sales operations for its Events, along with User access statistics to its Organizer Microsite. This information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
4.1. General aspects
Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable, except in the scenario where the Event is canceled or suspended. Apart from the circumstances outlined above, the User is not permitted to invoke the right of withdrawal or termination, as specified by prevailing consumer and retail legislation.
Non-attendance at an event, show, or an error during the ticket purchase process (such as entering an incorrect email address) do not warrant a refund.
As per existing consumer and retail regulations, the Buyer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal or termination, given that services linked to recreational activities are exempt from this entitlement.
If the Event is suspended after more than half of its duration, the Buyer will not be eligible for a refund of the Ticket Price.
Unfavorable weather conditions do not qualify for a ticket or ticket price refund.
In the event of an Event's cancellation or modification, DANSADOR commits to (i) promptly posting the information in the Event section of the Website upon receiving notice from the Organizer, and (ii) emailing the Buyer at the address provided in the Registration Form to communicate such alterations or cancellations.
4.2. Returns and Exchanges
Alterations and reimbursements will solely be entertained should the Event be canceled, or should the event face suspension within the timeline dictated by the Organizer.
Occurrences of Event cancellations or adjustments that materialize subsequent to the Buyer's receipt of the Ticket(s) Purchase Confirmation, including modifications in date, venue, performers, etc., rest exclusively with the Organizer's responsibility. Consequently, as the Ticket distributor, DANSADOR possesses the capability to solely revoke the Tickets and, consequently, process a refund of the Price, contingent upon the reception of a specific directive from the Event Organizer.
Should the Organizer opt for a Price refund, DANSADOR will facilitate the refund through the same payment method initially utilized for the purchase (credit or debit card or PayPal), within a span of fifteen (15) working days from the date of public announcement concerning the Event's cancellation.
DANSADOR only acts as an intermediary between the Organizers and the Buyers in the purchase and sale of tickets for the Events, managing the distribution of tickets in the name and on behalf of the Organizers, and therefore:
It will not assume any responsibility in the event that the Event does not finally take place, and the appropriate claim must be addressed to the Organiser of the Event who, by accepting the Terms and Conditions, releases DANSADOR from any type of liability that may arise as a result of such cancellation.
It is not responsible for the terms on which the Event is finally held. Complaints regarding quality, the way the Event is run or any organizational aspect of the Event should only be addressed to the Event Organiser.
DANSADOR will be exonerated from any liability that may arise from the unauthorized inclusion by the Organiser of the distinctive signs or domain names owned by DANSADOR or any reproductions or mentions that include the name "DANSADOR" on any type of support that may be displayed in unauthorized public spaces.
The Website may suffer technical failures or crashes and DANSADOR guarantees that it will make its best efforts to resolve such incidents in the shortest possible time, although, in accordance with the provisions of section 6 of the Terms and Conditions, it declines any responsibility in this regard.
The User acknowledges and agrees that their use of the Website is entirely at their own risk and responsibility. DANSADOR holds no liability for any misuse, improper utilization, or violations of these Conditions that might occur.
Consequently, Users bear full responsibility for the proper use of the Website in accordance with prevailing national and international laws, as well as the principles of good faith, morality, proper conduct, and public order. They are also expected to diligently adhere to any supplementary instructions provided by DANSADOR.
Users are required to abstain from deploying the Website's services and content for unlawful or fraudulent purposes or for any actions that may harm the rights and interests of third parties, or that could in any manner impair, disable, impact, or deteriorate the Website's functionality, content, and services. Additionally, obstructing the normal use or enjoyment of the Website by other Users is strictly prohibited. Users shall be held accountable for any harm inflicted on DANSADOR due to the Website's misuse or its use in contravention of the Terms and Conditions.
DANSADOR cannot offer an absolute guarantee that its Website's services, features, and functions will be available universally, or that the employed software and hardware will be completely devoid of errors. Similarly, DANSADOR cannot ensure flawless data transmission through third-party sources, especially via telecommunication networks and Internet providers. Therefore, DANSADOR disclaims all responsibility for damages arising from the aforementioned circumstances.
Especially,  DANSADOR will not be held responsible for potential harm or errors incurred by Users' computer systems (both hardware and software) while accessing or utilizing the Website due to the presence of viruses.
Under all circumstances, DANSADOR's liability will only extend to damages borne by the User as a result of willful misconduct or gross negligence on our part concerning Website access, service provision, and content, tool, and functionality use.
Nonetheless, DANSADOR will exert reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and currency of the contents and services offered on the Website.
Should it find appropriate, DANSADOR retains the right to promptly suspend service provision and, if necessary, remove any content it considers erroneous or unlawful. This action may be taken at its sole discretion, upon the request of an affected third party or competent authority. Such suspension shall not entail any form of compensation.
DANSADOR holds no accountability for the links allowing Users to access third-party features and services through the Website, as long as these links are not connected to the Website itself. Consequently, DANSADOR disclaims responsibility for the contained information and any consequences arising from said information. Additionally, DANSADOR retains the authority to unilaterally and immediately remove the links displayed on the Website without prior notice.
Should any User or third party notice links that potentially violate the law, morality, or public order, they are obligated to inform DANSADOR via email at dromaniuc@frespire.com.

DANSADOR possesses ownership or licensing of all intellectual and industrial property rights encompassed within the Website, as well as the accessible contents contained therein.
The User's granted access to the Website does not entail any relinquishment, transfer, licensing, or complete or partial transfer of intellectual or industrial property rights by DANSADOR. Consequently, their utilization is strictly prohibited.
The intellectual and industrial property rights related to the Website, along with the texts, images, visual design, navigational structure, information, and included content, either belong to DANSADOR or are subject to the requisite exploitation rights under its control. This encompasses rights such as reproduction, distribution, public communication, and transformation, in accordance with Spanish legislation pertaining to intellectual and industrial property rights.
The Organizers affirm that they possess the rightful assignment or ownership of all intellectual and industrial property rights, and, where applicable, image rights, tied to the content within each Event they establish and present on the Website. To further the promotion of these on the Website, they confer upon DANSADOR the comprehensive rights to exploit these intellectual and industrial property rights. The stipulated sale is understood to be executed on a global scale and without temporal constraints.
DANSADOR retains the authority to deny entry to and removal from the Website. Users failing to adhere to the Terms and Conditions and the DANSADOR Privacy Policy might face exclusion from the Website.

Furthermore, DANSADOR holds the prerogative to terminate or temporarily halt the provision of Services to Users who violate the stipulations outlined in the Terms and Conditions, without advance notice.
DANSADOR holds the right to amend these Terms of Use in line with relevant regulations, and such changes will be appropriately communicated on the Website. Consequently, it is advised that Users periodically review them to stay informed about how DANSADOR safeguards their information.
These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Romania.
The Parties concur to adhere to the jurisdiction of competent courts and tribunals to settle any disputes that emerge from their contractual relationship.
In compliance with the provisions of Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on alternative dispute resolution in consumer matters and Regulation 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online consumer dispute resolution, we hereby inform all Users that they may pursue their consumer complaints through the online consumer dispute resolution platform, which can be accessed via the following link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.