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Privacy policy

  Privacy policy

Date last update: 18 August 2023

This Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") applies to the website hosted under the domain name www.dansador.com (the "Website") owned by Frespire Software S.R.L., a company whose registered office is located in Jud. Iaşi, Mun. Iaşi, Pţa. Voievozilor, Nr.1, Bl.A8, Et.6, Ap.24, with C.I.F. (Tax Identification Number) 43301775 and registered in the Commerce Register of Iași ( J22/2738/2020)  and under any of the subdomains or web pages dependent on it.
In alignment  with current legislation on the Protection of Personal Data, DANSADOR notifies the individuals (referred to as "User(s)") accessing the Website about the Privacy Policy that will govern the handling of personal data provided by Users during the registration process on the Website through the designated registration form (referred to as the "Registration Form"). This policy also extends to instances involving the acquisition of tickets or any interactions undertaken between the User and DANSADOR.
In order to browse the Website and the App it is not necessary for Users to disclose their personal data. However, in certain cases, DANSADOR may require certain information in order to provide you with the services you require.
By filling out the Registration Form or furnishing information during the ticket procurement procedure or any form of engagement with DANSADOR, Users inherently and unequivocally acknowledge and agree to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. To confirm this agreement, Users are required to check the designated box provided in the Registration Form or during the ticket purchase process. Consequently, Users are advised to thoroughly peruse these legal documents prior to proceeding.

2.1. Collection of personal data
Upon the User's establishment of an account on the Website—be it through direct means or via Facebook or Google—or when a ticket is acquired on our Website or through DANSADOR's authorized promoters, or even when engaging with us in activities like contests, we will gather personal information to facilitate the necessary service provision.
By completing the Registration Form, Users must provide the following information, which must be accurate and truthful: email address and password.
Furthermore, throughout the ticket purchasing procedure, supplementary economic or financial details (such as credit or debit card numbers) might be requested to facilitate the successful execution of services.
Additionally, DANSADOR has the potential to gather the following: details regarding the User's interactions with the Website. When the User engages in browsing, data pertaining to the User's IP address, browser type, access time, and originating website addresses can be obtained. This also encompasses browsing history data. The accumulation of such information empowers DANSADOR to customize content, offerings, and the browsing experience for each User, thus enhancing our services and the User's journey on the Website. It also aids in the detection of potential fraudulent activities and the creation of usage and efficacy statistics related to our Website.

By furnishing DANSADOR with their personal information, the User will explicitly provide consent, facilitated through the designated mechanism, for DANSADOR to process said information in accordance with the stipulations outlined in this Privacy Policy. This policy will serve as the legal foundation for the data processing.

Should the User acquire tickets for a third party essential for the accurate delivery of the service during the purchasing process, the User affirms and assures that they have informed these third parties, whose data they are providing, about the contents of this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, the User must have procured the requisite consent from these third parties for the communication and processing of their data by DANSADOR.
The User must notify DANSADOR of any changes to the data provided, and will in any event be responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the data provided at any time.
The data voluntarily provided by the User during the use of our services will be included in a file owned by DANSADOR for processing for the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy. In accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data and in particular with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC ("RGPD"), DANSADOR will keep a register of personal data processing activities.
DANSADOR has implemented the essential technical and organizational precautions to uphold the necessary level of security, contingent upon the type of processed personal data and the processing conditions. These measures are designed to mitigate, to the best extent feasible and in accordance with the latest technological advancements, the potential for data modification, loss, unauthorized access, or improper handling.
2.2. Purposes of processing
DANSADOR holds the possibility of processing personal data of Users for the subsequent objectives:
User Registration: The information shared by Users will be applied to facilitate the delivery of services accessible through the Website. 
Product and Service Procurement. Ticket Purchase: This encompasses overseeing the procurement of products and services made available via the Website or authorized promoters. Additionally, it involves managing the contractual affiliation between DANSADOR and Users. Financial particulars, such as bank account IBANs, may be acquired during the procurement process. This aim aligns with the voluntary and legitimate consent to the legal association between Users and DANSADOR, which, in turn, connects this processing to third-party records to fulfill the specified goals.    
Private Area Access: This objective involves overseeing the registration process and any ensuing data generated by Users in this section. The primary intention is to administrate their accounts, perform maintenance, exercise control, and oversee their connection with DANSADOR.    
Promotion of Internal Products and Services: DANSADOR has the prerogative to communicate commercial materials to Users pertaining to advertisements linked to the services accessible under the terms outlined in section 3 of the Privacy Policy.
Profiling Utilizing External Sources: DANSADOR can devise profiles based on information provided by external entities through the implementation of marketing surveys, statistical analysis, and segmentation methodologies. This enables the personalization of service offerings tailored to the distinct characteristics and requirements of Users. It is essential to note that the acceptance of this purpose does not entail automated decision-making processes.
2.3. Data Retention
DANSADOR informs its Users that their personal data will be kept for the time strictly necessary for the purposes of the processing for the use of which they have been provided, provided that the User has not revoked his or her consent and, in any case, following the principle of minimisation of data contemplated in the applicable regulations.
Specifically, the personal information shared by Users will be retained for a duration established according to the subsequent criteria: (i) fulfillment of legal preservation obligations; (ii) the span of the contractual engagement and the consideration of any liabilities stemming from said engagement; (iii) instances where applicable, the request for data erasure by the concerned party.
Consequently, when their use is not necessary, personal data will be blocked and will only be made available to the competent authorities for the time and legal purposes established in the applicable regulations. Once this period has elapsed, they will be eliminated.
2.4. User rights
Users possess the authority to invoke their rights encompassing access, correction, erasure, opposition, data restriction, and data portability, all in compliance with the existing data protection laws. As these rights are of a personal nature, it's imperative for the concerned individual to establish their identity. To initiate the process, the individual must submit a written communication, duly signed, including their address, and accompanied by a copy of their National Identity Card or a corroborating document. This correspondence should be directed to DANSADOR via the email address dromaniuc@frespire.com.
Likewise, the User may oppose the sending of commercial communications from DANSADOR and withdraw his/her consent without this affecting the lawfulness of the processing of his/her personal data for other purposes.
For the proper management of the processing of the personal data of its Users, DANSADOR has appointed a Data Protection Delegate to whom they can turn to resolve any questions they may have, and who can be contacted via e-mail at dromaniuc@frespire.com.
DANSADOR informs its Users of the possibility they have of filing a complaint with the Romanian Data Protection Agency if they believe that the correct assistance has not been obtained in the exercise of the rights mentioned in this section.
2.5. Data shared with third parties
The personal data of users could potentially be accessed by the following entities: (i) employees who are authorized by DANSADOR, (ii) third-party service providers or collaborators working with DANSADOR, and (iii) event organizers (referred to as the "Organizers") for events attended by DANSADOR. This access is intended for managing service provision, contacting users regarding any modifications, and ensuring compliance with legal obligations. The specific data access by third parties is governed by the applicable data access agreement, as outlined in section 2.4 of the Conditions of Use.
Furthermore, the personal data furnished by users during service provision might be shared with Organizers of the events and shows they participate in. This facilitates updates about other events, musical, cultural, theatrical, sports, artistic shows, and fairs organized by the said Organizer. This sharing of data occurs only when users have explicitly given consent for such transfers using the provided mechanism. However, during the purchase process, users will be informed of the Organizer's information, allowing them to easily and freely withdraw their consent if desired.
Regarding the communications discussed above, there's a possibility of international data transfers to third countries or international organizations. These transfers will only be made to countries or organizations for which the European Commission has deemed the data protection measures to be adequate.
DANSADOR notifies its Users that upon making a purchase, they will receive a transactional email containing the confirmation of their ticket purchase and the corresponding tickets. Additionally, there's a possibility of us reaching out to the User to communicate any changes or updates related to the event they are attending.

Furthermore, DANSADOR retains the right to send promotional communications pertaining to its own products or services, as well as those of its partners, to Users who have given explicit and specific consent. This consent can be granted by checking the designated checkbox provided for this purpose or through any other form of clear and direct agreement.
The User may at any time waive the right to receive any commercial communication by sending an e-mail to dromaniuc@frespire.com stating his/her intention to do so. 
As described in our Cookies Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies (e.g., web beacons, pixels, ad tags and device identifiers) to recognize the User and/or his/her device(s) in the various services and devices. We also allow third parties to use cookies in the manner described in our Cookies Policy. You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools.
The services provided via the Website are exclusively accessible to individuals of legal adult age. Hence, individuals failing to meet this criterion should abstain from submitting personal details on the Website for inclusion within DANSADOR's databases. Nevertheless, minors can proceed with inputting their personal information into the Website's forms, subject to obtaining prior consent from their parents or legal guardians.
DANSADOR retains the authority to amend this Privacy Policy as per the relevant legal requirements whenever necessary. Users will be duly notified of such changes on the Website. Therefore, it is advised that Users periodically review these updates to stay informed about how DANSADOR safeguards their information.