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We are happy to announce that we are opening a NEW BEGINNER UrbanKiz class! πŸ™Œ

UrbanKiz is a modern dance style that grew out of Kizomba and has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The beginners' course is suitable for dancers of all ages and levels, regardless of previous experience.

During the course, we will get to know the basics of UrbanKiz, the technique of leading and following, and the foundations of musicality.


πŸ’ƒ Kriste is a versatile dancer who dances and performs from an early age. Her origins are related to styles such as Commercial, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Contemporary dance, and she has worked as a professional dancer in different parts of the world.

Kriste started learning Kizomba and UrbanKiz while living in London and was one of the first people to promote it in Great Britain by organising events with international instructors.

Before moving to Barcelona, Kriste was a resident dance teacher in So!Salsa dance school in Poland and one of the few teachers teaching Urban Kiz in Poland.

Kriste is now part of Badja Team that is a Kizomba and Urban Kiz dance team from the Netherlands.

πŸ•Ί Alex was introduced into kizomba in 2013. It became a love from the first sight. Getto Zouk tunes were dominating the dance floor back in the days.

Since 2015 Alex discovered Urbankiz - new evolution of Kizomba that quickly concured popularity all around the world.

Since 2017 Alex has been repetedly invited as a kiz taxidancer to different dancing events in Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn etc. In 2018 Alex accomplished Urbankiz instructor's sertification led by Curtis & Carola, famous as one of the creators of urbankiz style.

Since then Alex started teaching Urbankiz in Tallinn. During that time Alex trepeatedly took additional classes from Mike Evans, JD Deceus, Jp & Stephy, Fred-Nelson Banderas and many others. Nowadays, when tarraxo and kompa dominating the dancefloor of kizz comunity, Alex is still focusing on his favorite style – Urbankiz.

❗️ WHEN ❗️

πŸ‘‰ UbranKiz beginners course will take place on TUESDAYS at 18:30-20:15 starting from the 4th of April.

Regular classes: πŸ‘‰ 4th of April at 18:30-20:15 πŸ‘‰ 11th of April at 18:30-20:15 πŸ‘‰ 18th of April at 18:30-20:15 πŸ‘‰ 25th of April at 18:30-20:15


πŸ”₯ TRIAL class is 5€! πŸ”₯ Single lesson: 15€ or 115 dance coins πŸ”₯ Next 5x cost 59€ (55€ for youth ≀ 26 years) or 5x115 dance coins

πŸ”₯ Register on our website πŸ”₯

For any additional information, please send us a DM or write to us at

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