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Brussels, Belgium


The Embassy Room Brussels

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3 Weeks of Musicality Workshops coming up to finish off our Winter Trimestre :)

Join us on 3 Mondays before Easter to boost your musical understanding and enhance the harmony between sound and movement.


20 March -> Part 1: Musical genres, their background & context. Identify them and adapt your dance accordingly. Join us on a journey through time and space and sharpen your ears. Learn to distinguish Zouk Love from Cabo Love, Tarraxinha from Ghettozouk, Semba from Kizomba.

27 March -> Part 2: Learn about the structure of a Kizomba song. Learn to feel the musical phrases, strophes, refrains, intermezzi, bridges, and use this knowledge for an enhanced harmonic flow.

03 April -> Leveling up from understanding phrases, we learn how to use breaks and accents in your dance. Feel them coming and be ready to hit them every time.


19:00 Doors open & Registration 19:15 - 21:15 Musicality Workshops 21:15 Kizomba Party

Prices: 1 Workshop (2h) & Party: 2 boxes on your card or 25€

Please note: It is possible to take 1 Musicality Workshop without the others. However, there is a logical sequence of the 3 weeks so they are slightly building up on one another.

If you cannot make it time-wise to join already at 19:15, it is possible to only take 1h of the 2 (1 box of your card or 15€) but you might lose some information from the first hour. But we understand that for some it's not possible to come earlier so we aim to keep that in mind.

There is no need to register beforehand. If you are in our system, you can just show up :) If you are not in our system, we would need you register first.

All Workshops are generally open level, and accessible for any moment during your Kizomba journey. However for the last workshop we will cover some dips and tricks so the content of the moves we will learn is not advised for beginners.

All workshops will have sections of listening music, receiving explanations and dancing. We will not be sitting around but learn to implement all the knowledge directly onto the dance floor :)

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