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Dear Ladies,

this 3-weeks-course is designed for you to learn the foundations of the kizomba ladies’ steps and to refine your style. Whether you would like to improve for the social dancing or you want to enjoy your solo moves, this course will be the right place for your growth 🌱🥰

Each session has the following parts:

  1. Basic steps technique (footwork, hips & body)
  2. Styling tips for social dancing (footwork variations, arms styling)
  3. Mini lady styling choreo (feminine, elegant, with focus on the beautiful lines we create with our bodies in motion)

Price: 1 class: 350 CZK Full course (3 classes): 850 CZK

Level: Improver and Intermediate (You can come as complete beginner as well, if you have experience with other dance styles or if you have a generally good body awareness, for example by practicing yoga etc.)

This mini course can be the beginning of your transformation as you skill up, gain confidence and start to bloom on the dance floor!🌷

I am really looking forward to dance with you, Ladies, let’s have a fun time together 🤗

Registration goes through direct message.


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