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Part of Unity - The Reunion KZL edition Bootcamp and Party

Here is the timetable for all workshops

What to expect? Kizomba & Semba Beginners and Intermediate 5 hours Bootcamp

📌Have you wanted to learn Kizomba or Semba? (dancing for 0 - 2 months) Are you an existing dancer that wants to polish your techniques? (6-12 months) 📌Do you struggle to learn in large organised workshops? 📌Are you feeling intimidated at parties and too shy to approach others for a dance?

If the answer to one or more of these above questions is YES, then this Kizomba and Semba 5 hours bootcamp is for you!

Following 3 successful workshops, we're back again with experienced Kizomba & Semba teachers Mikumba, Shaina & Khalifa to deliver bootcamps in a small and friendly environment to give you the attention, knowledge, tips & practice time to learn the basics or polish your current skills and knowledge gaps. Designed to make you feel more confident on the dancefloor.

Who is the bootcamp designed for? Kizomba & Semba Beginners (0-2 months of dancing) Kizomba & Semba Intermediates (6-12 months of dancing).

Bootcamp objectives

📌Beginners - To give students a good understanding of what is Kizomba & Semba and be confident with their basic steps and lead and follow a basic dance.

📌Intermediate - To challenge students with more technical moves and combinations in Kizomba and Semba whilst re-caping on the fundamentals that all intermediate dancers should know.

Limited to only 20 people per level (10 leaders and 10 followers). The reason for this is to enable you to feel more comfortable asking questions openly in a small and supportive environment which ensures you have the correct understanding of what is being taught. The group is intended to be small so you'll get more attention from the teachers and won't feel rushed or prevented from asking questions because you may feel intimidated. During this workshop, no question is a silly question!!

Bootcamp content includes ✅Footwork and corrective positioning ✅Lead & follow techniques ✅Partner work & connection ✅Secrets of contra tempo ✅Weight change ✅Semba basics ✅Semba show (tricks and dips)

At the end of the course, students should: ✅Feel confident with the Kizomba & Semba basics and be able to perform simple combinations and moves (Beginners) ✅Learn/polish core technical skills whilst feeling suitably challenged and able to perform more complicated combinations and moves on the dancefloor (Intermediates)

Time and Place All day and night from 3pm to 4am Set in the beautiful surroundings of Greenwich. The event takes place in a 500 capacity Greenwich Student Union Bar.

Lower Deck, Greenwich Students' Union, Dreadnought Building, Greenwich, London, SE10 9HU

Getting there Best route is to take public transport. Nearest station - Cutty Sark DLR is easily accessible from multiple underground stations such as Statford, Bank, Canary Wharf and more. See map (downloadable)


Pay to park is in operation up to 6.30pm Parking for £6 for 4 hours at New Capital Quay Car Park, SE10 FREE Parking after 6.30pm

Park Row Car Park, Park Row, Eastney Street and surrounding roads Cutty Sark Car Park, King William Street and surrounding roads

££ Price ££

Earlybird Full Pass £45 + £1.50 fee 2nd Release £55 + £1.50 fee

10 LEADERS AND 10 FOLLOWERS ONLY at each level.

Full pass includes: 5 bootcamp hours Buffet meal Party in 3 rooms from 10pm until 4am

Party Pass £20 + 1.50 booking fee. Includes evening classes from 7:45pm - 9:45pm

6 DJs on the night Dj Mineiro, DJ Miro Kikola, DJ Dennis the Chemist, DJ X-tra, DJ 5StarKid & DJ Andrizie

Music policy Kizomba, Semba, Urban Kiz, Salsa, Bachata, Kompa, Zouk Afro and much, much more

Teachers' Bios Mikumba was introduced to Kizomba in 2009 where he fell in love with the dance and felt a genuine connection with the music. Since then he was passionate about learning Kizomba which naturally lead him to teaching and helping others to develop. His commitment, talent, expertise and high standard have kept him grounded making him one of the most humblest, patient teachers' on the circuit.
His style of Kizomba is more traditional, with hints of modern day Kizomba. His movement is smooth, fluid with hints of brilliance. Mikumba's musicality and interpretation of the music are something to be admired. The way he absorbs each musical notation; you would be at fault to blink for you will miss something spectacular... Mikumba takes great pride in his work and achievements and is constantly learning especially how Kizomba is still evolving here in the UK. Mikumba has developed a robust system that remains authentic and transparent. He’s widely recognised for his passion and knowhow. He loves engaging with the students getting constructive feedback and truly understanding life from their perspective.
He’s taught independently throughout the country and has been actively promoting Kizomba around Europe including Italy, Spain and some parts of West Africa/Australia. He currently teaches all levels from Beginners through to the more advanced/performance steps in some of the most popular clubs in London. In 2012 he helped Choreograph the 2nd place winners, performance Deklau Boy and Soso's for the GB Competition (AfricaDancar 2012) also Bruno and Sol in GB Competition and Jeydikson & Sonny 1st place UK Champions 2015. In short, Kiz Lounge “You’re in good hands”…

Shaina Shaina discovered her passion for Kizomba and Semba five years ago through her mother, a fellow respected Kizomba teacher within the Kizomba Community. Her love for dance has been a constant in her life from a very young age with major influences around the globe. She has remained loyal to the traditional art forms of both Kizomba and Semba and is constantly learning and evolving as a teacher. Shaina loves the inclusive nature of the dance scene, how it brings people together and the social aspect of it. She is a strong believer in the power of communication through dance and the uniqueness of everyone as dancers. One thing you cannot miss with Shaina is her gleaming smile, lighting up the dance floor, her infectious laugh and not to mention her “Joie de Vivre’. You’re in for one heck of a treat.

Khalifa Born and raised in South London, Khalifa has a mixed background consisting of a Caribbean and American origins. Having been introduced to Kizomba over 10 years ago now, like many fellow Kizombeiros, he was instantly hooked by the soulful sounds, earthy steps and unique party scenes. His first real taste of Kizomba was experienced in 2011 attending an international afro festival! Determined to embrace this new found dance and sound, he completed the Studio Afro Latino teacher training course and had the pleasure to perform and teach at Londons largest annual kizomba festival for 4 consequtive years. Such a fun and challenging experience that gave him the foundation to build his platform taking influences from a range of dance styles including tango and hip hop, and learning from some of the most respected in the kizimba scene, allowing him to create a uniqueness and his own style. Since first starting his journey as a teacher he has been fortunate enough to share his skills, knowledge and love of Kizomba on a global scale appearing in Australia, Dubai, Rome, Bulgaria, Guadeloupe to name a few.

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