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BACHATA SHOW BOOTCAMP & WORKSHOP 6-7 MAY, Tanečni Sector ❤️‍🔥 👏🏼 👏🏼 OPEN LEVEL (not beginner friendly, Intermediate and above or for the brave 😛)

We are over-the-moon excited to invite you for this special weekend program. It’s our very first time to cooperate together but also for the first time we teach a BACHATA SHOW BOOTCAMP! I am not even sure if this ever happened in Prague! How exciting! 🤩

Our program has 2 days / parts: On Saturday we will learn a really fun & cool bachata choreography (mixed Partnerwork and solo - depending on the leader-follower ratio of the participants) in 3 hours. And guess what! We perform it as a show in the UNITED party the very same day in front of an audience! It will be so cool and challenging! Definitely a memory to take with you forever! It’s your time to shine ✨ Party event here: The next day will be the classic workshop; 2x60 minutes Bachata Partnerwork, focusing on figures, learning in a more relaxed pace (after-party mood). 💃🕺

Who are we? Alexys is a professional dancer with high dance education from Cuba, currently living in Spain. I don’t even need to tell much, you’ll see and know! (Salsa, bachata, reggaeton, contemporary, ballet, urban, etc) 🔝 Nora is an internationally well-known bachata lady styling instructor from Hungary and an enthusiastic ambassador of women empowerment.

I would describe the style that we gonna work with as a fusion of bachata Moderna, Sensual and Urban, with the touch of romance. We pay particular attention to feeling of the dance, connection with the partner and ‘classmates’ and musicality (doesn’t only mean that you’ll hear us singing the bachata songs a lot, but definitely that too 😆)

We are so thrilled to see and dance with you for the very first time. Damn, we are excited! I think you can tell from this text already 🥰 I have a feeling that this project will start a change and I’m sure an amazing group will form during the weekend. ♥️

Let’s talk schedule & money;

Show Bootcamp (entrance to the party included) Saturday 16:30-19:30h + SHOW (~23:00) 3x60’ + entry to the party Solo pass 45 EUR / 1050 kc Couple pass 80 EUR / 1900 kc

Bachata Partnerwork Workshop Sunday 12-14h 2x60’ Solo pass 40 EUR / 950 kc Couple pass 75 EUR / 1750 kc

COMBINED PASS (Entry for Bootcamp Saturday, party, Workshop Sunday) Solo 75 EUR / 1750 kc Couple 145 EUR / 3400 kc

Registration vía message to Nora Bachatera No payment refund in case of absence.

Let’s do this guys! Together we can create something fun & powerful 🔥

It would help a lot if you helped us sharing this new project among your friends, invite them and if you kept an open mind and give us a chance to show you the joy of performing and share with you our love for dancing. 💌

Nora & Alexys 🥰

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