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Zürich (Kreis 5) / Escher-Wyss, Switzerland


Club Silbando

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Bachata Sensual 4h bootcamp with Daniel (CH) & Ola (DK/PL)

We invite you to spend your Saturday learning Bachata Sensual, developing your social dancing skills and, first and foremost, having fun!

Ola and Daniel are coming together for an exciting new collaboration, bringing a carefully designed two 1,5h workshops based on the unique concepts of conscious leading & active following.

-- WHAT IS BACHATA SENSUAL? -- Bachata Sensual developed hand in hand with the evolving bachata music of today. This style was initially started by Korke&Judith. It interprets the instruments with longer movements, isolations and body expression without loosing touch with its essence of the traditional Bachata.

-- BOOTCAMP PLAN -- 12:45 - 13:00 registration 13:00 - Start Bachata Sensual fundamentals 14:30 - break 14:45 - Bachata Sensual: conscious leading and active following 16:15 - 17:00 Praktika

-- PRICE -- Bootcamp price per person: 50,- CHF Come as a Leader/Follower couple: 90 CHF

-- BOOTCAMP DESCRIPTION -- This Bachata sensual bootcamp will consist of 2 parts The first workshop is focusing on techniques for body control during leading and following. We emphasize on continuous movements in stead of dancing figure after figure but also how to introduce calmness in your dancing and not rushing through your repetoire. Our goal is that you have fun and learn to be a soft lead and soft follow at the end of the first workshop.

The second workshop we will dive fast forward to applying these techniques and expanding on them giving you more range in musicality. We aim to transform your dancing into story telling and active following. In addition we will introduce how to ask & receive space as a follow to have more freedom in expression. Our goal is to have a lot of fun and practice the advanced techniques to make you a better dancer.

-- INTENDED AUDIENCE LEVEL -- Bachata dancing on equivalent level of

  • Improver and higher up to Advanced

-- ABOUT YOUR TEACHER -- About Daniel Ettema: Social dancer, performer and teacher since 2015, when his Bachata career officially kicked off in the Netherlands. Daniel was Dutch Bachata champion in 2019 and performed internationally with his show. He started to teach internationally since 2018 and has developed his style of conscious dancing & leading. This style is about raising your own level of awareness during the dance by reading your partner continuously and transmitting your intentions parallel to your leading. Being a certified Bachata Sensual instructor by Korke and Judith has enabled him to first hand learn from the creators and from the Sensual family. This has ensured that his style has evolved alongside with the top artists as of this time.

About Ola Kuropatnicka: Bachata dancer, performer and teacher trained in all styles of bachata. Her main focus is bachata sensual and she has been teaching it and performing both in Denmark and internationally. Countless dance focused travels, private classes with top bachata artists and trainings in other dance styles keep her mind and skills in constant development. As a dance foundation, she has completed the 1-year full time dance education at Sceneindgangen Dance Studio with intensive training in ballet, jazz and contemporary. As a teacher, she focuses on dance technique, body awareness and equal focus on leading and following skills (as opposite to most leader-centric classes). In social dancing, she embodies her ‘active following’ concept in which the follower takes active part and equal responsibility for the dance. It takes the experience to the next level of partnerwork connection and creativity.

-- LOCATION -- Club Silbando Förrlibuckstrasse 62

Room: Saal 2

-- FAQ -- Q: Do I need special shoes or clothing? A: Bring easy clothing and sneakers is fine. But bring deodorant and chewing gum

Q: Do I need a come with a partner? A: No you don't but you do get a discount if you bring a parner

Q: How much Bachata should I know A: You should be able to have a solid basic and know something about holding your frame

Q: can I attend 1 workshop? A: No we prefer to have everyone on the same page for both workshops

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