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Berlin, Germany


Vivace Tanzstudio

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Do you like to learn Bachata Sensual from international professional instructors who are traveling all around the world? Then this is the right time! (no Partner is needed)


Peter Hollosi - certified and official bachata sensual dance instructor of the style creators, Korke and Judith. He is the first and only instructor in Hungary ever allowed to teach and adapt the style of Korke and Judith. This kind of bachata is based on a lot of body movements, and contains isolation, body rolls, waves and a lot of steps and combinations to colorize this social dance. DEMO:

Gabriela Hinkova - was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. From very young, she was exposed to dancing, which became her passion and later a profession. Throughout the years, she took up acting, jazz, contemporary and commercial, as well as salsa and bachata, which she is currently teaching in Berlin for more than 4 years. DEMO:

The classes perfectly preserve and respect the franchise its creators brought to life but he also explains many additional foundations and techniques based on classical and jazz ballet to both leader and follower. The approach that makes this social dance easier because dance is ever-evolving. With this concept in mind, not only teaching basic elements of bachata sensual style, but allow the students to gain a heightened body awareness too.

✔ LOCATION Vivace Tanzstudio Nollendorfstraße 11, 10777 Berlin


  • 18:00-18:55: Body Isolation Learn to isolate the body and preserve stability during social dance / body rolls, hip and chest/neck movement technique to make the moves fluid - solo exercises both for leaders and followers

  • 19:00-19:55: Touch Leading Leading and following with using the body energy

  • 20:00-20:55: Sensual Combinations Put waves and chest/hip isolation to a unique combination

  • 20:55-21:15: Social Dance Practicing to music with questions and answers

IMPORTANT! Minimum 6 months of any style of bachata social dance skill needed!


  • Early Bird*: 25.00 EUR
  • Normal Bird*: 29.90 EUR
  • November 19 online or at the Door (We also accept cash and credit cards on site)

*Early and Normal bird is possible by paying at our studio with cash or online on the ticket link below:

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