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It's a huge pleasure to present to you these April classes!

Bringing brand new inspiration and knowledge fresh from the island. We warmly recommend you to take the full course, as the classes are continuous.

INFO: Sign-up by following below link: (no refunds) Only 20 tickets are available for each course! classes will take place at Idrætsfabrikken

Price: 430 DKK pr. Course If you need to travel from outside of Sealand (sjælland) to join (eg. Fyn or Sweden)

  • or - Are a student (or in other ways in need of financial support)
  • send us a message to receive a 15% discount.

Time and date: All Tuesdays in April Beginners 19.30-20.25 improver/intermediate 20.30-21.25

Instructor: Mette Larsen

Classes: Beginners - This course is for you if….. 👉You have never danced Dominican Bachata before 👉You want to learn a cultural, connected and simple partner dance 👉You want to get a good foundation of the dance style in a fairly slow pace 👉You want to listen to Caribbean rhythms and having fun 👉You are by yourself 👉You bring a partner

Improver/intermediate - This course is for you if…. 👉You want to play with different themes of the style (eg. Timings, adding other dance styles, Lern about the instruments etc.) 👉You know the basic rhythm of Bachata 👉You know at least 3-4 basic steps of traditional/dominican Bachata 👉You want to work on your personal style 👉You want to play with footwork and different combinations solo and in partnerwork 👉You want knowledge of other Dominican dance styles (and ability to include them in your dance. 👉You are by yourself 👉You bring a partner

Make sure to bring water and indoor shoes. We recommend flat shoes

What to expect: ⭐100% Traditional Bachata ⭐100% Focus on Social Dancing - Nonverbal conversation of partner dance and no choreographies. ⭐Individual feedback to both leaders and followers ⭐Everyone can lead/follow in these Courses ⭐Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or questions

Make sure to check out our Globen Socials + the Baile Social each month.

For more information visit our: 🌞Facebook Community Group 🌞Our Facebook page 🌞Our Instagram

ABOUT US: Bachata Dominicana Copenhagen was first created by Lærke Birk back in 2020 but have since 2022 been a joined adventure with Mette Larsen. They’ve since made sure to keep their knowledge and inspiration fresh by frequently participating in Dominican Festivals around Europe as well as participating in Instructor courses and visiting the Island.

ABOUT Mette: Mette started teaching dancing back in 2006, but in 2020 she met Dominican Bachata in the land of origin and has since then spent a total of 6 months in the DR getting immersed in the dance communities. Her focus is on personal style, connection and non-verbal communication as well as the cultural background of the dance.

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