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From Munich, Bavaria, Germany


We at Dansador are putting our shoulders to the wheel these days to bring the latin dance community even closer together. 

We’ve all witnessed Covid-19 shutting down almost any kind of dance class, party, workshop, congress, dance gathering - you name it -, throwing the dance community off balance, and leaving all of us feeling lonely and estranged. The devastation has been real! 

But you know what else was real? Everyone’s determination 💪 to keep on going, from dancers, to teachers, to dance studios, to performing artists - your brave resilience & courage is what got us inspired! 

In that spirit of persistence and commitment to share your passion with the world, we’ve put together Dansador, or as we like to describe it: the starting point for every dancer out there to create, find, and connect with other dancers & events across the globe. 

🧐 Why Dansador? It all started with our difficulty to connect back to the dancing community after COVID-19: countless information sources for dancers were created, some more concealed, others more upfront: from Facebook groups, to WhatApp groups, to business pages, to personal profiles, or stories on various social platforms - making the search difficult and time-consuming. 

Dansador comes to bring all of that together and make it easier for any dancer, artist, teacher, school, or performer to connect to the community and create or search for dance events anywhere around the world, in just a few clicks.

It is a web platform for dancers to find and organize events and connect with other dancers from all over the world.

Users can easily search for dance events in their desired location, and once they have registered, they can create a personalized dancer profile that includes information about themselves and their dance preferences.

With a professional account, users can create and organize their own dance events, including details about the date, time, location, dance types, and music types. They can also create programs within their events, such as pre-parties and parties, and include details about the artists and difficulty levels of each program.

The platform also allows users to interact with each other, by commenting on events, liking and saving them for future reference, and even reserving slots for events. Additionally, users can create their own dance schools and add details about their location, dance types, teachers, programs, photos, and posts.

The starting point for you to find salsa, bachata, kizomba parties, workshops, festivals and connect with other dancers all over the world.



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